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Hide Online - Hunters vs Props

Size: 43M
Release Date: 2018-03-19


Hide Online - Hunters vs Props Review:

Gameplay Hide online is a mobile multiplayer action game where players engage in hiding and shooting props. It is not for grownups but for kids also. This game comes for dual-platform, i.e., android and ios. Hide Online is a free to play game. So download this game and begin playing with friends or players from around the world. It has straightforward gameplay; the player can be the hunter or the prop. Either hide or seek and shoot the accessory. At the very beginning, the player starts with a tutorial. Game shows you three major controls, i.e., swipe, joystick, and arrow. Swipe helps to navigate the view. The joystick helps to move the player/ object around the room. , an indicator helps to jump. Also, later along with the game, it gives different options, e.g., to shoot. Then you can form a group as a hunter or a prop. In simple words, the object is simple. As a prop, you must hide from the hunter until the period ends. But, as a hunter, you have to find the accessory, shoot around the area, and eradicate them in order for you to win the round. Visual Hide online is a very colorful game and more towards reality. The environment of this game is quite vibrant. But the incredible work the designer has done on players and props when they move around. On both ios and android, there is no glitch when the prop or player moves around. The movement of objects is smooth. There is no pixel distortion. As mentioned above, the game is colorful, so it catches the player's eyes. Because of the right color coordination, there is no stress on the players' eyes. Controls This game starts with the tutorial, which made the player familiar with the game handling. The controlling options are a pretty good distance from each other, so the player moves around and shoots. One other aspect is the UI; joysticks are neither too small nor too big to capture the whole screen of the mobile. The shooter or props can navigate around. From jump to hiding, the shooter can control everything, move left or right, and up or down. Verdict I love this game as it is unlike any other prop hunts. I would say this game is perfect to kill boredom as it welcomes both skilled or unskilled players. Its simplicity makes it worth playing, and you can't keep track of the time. The basic UI attracts the eye and keeps the player indulged. I would like to see more aspects of it. Also, I would suggest adding a chat option to keep team members connected as we have experienced in console games if each team had their own chat to talk with each other instead of running around and going with each other. Omit, I am a happy player and believe that this game is making a difference in prop hunt history.



I love this game as it is unlike any other prop hunts. I would say this game is perfect to kill boredom as it welcomes both skilled or unskilled players.

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Hiba Talat

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